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How to fill in application forms learning basic English

What will learn from the English lesson How to fill in application forms?

During this English lesson you start learning how to fill out application forms if you want to find a job in a English speaking country. At the end of the lesson is a list of useful tips you must don when filling out application forms

Job Application Form Details:

Personal Information:

Name (Your name)
Address (Your address were you are living at present)
Town, City, Post Code
Phone Number (Your house telephone number or your mobile phone)


What schools / Colleges / Universities have you attended
Major / degree / HND (What qualifications have you)
GCSE / A levels/ Degree / Diploma 
Date you left school / Graduation Dates(s)

Position Applied What Information you need:

What is the  job title of the position that you are applying for  (What is the job you are applying for)
Hours and days that you are available for work. (What days hours are you available)
What day you can start work

Employment Information that you need:

Names, addresses, and phone numbers of previous employers

Supervisor's / managers name
Dates of employment for at least ten years 
Salary (What wage was you earning)
Reason for Leaving (Why dod you leave your jobs)

References (2 or 3 depending on company)

List of 2 or 3  references - there names and job title or relationship, addresses, phone numbers
Resume (if you have one)

What you must do when completing your job applications:

You must complete all the information that is required on the form.

Make sure you don't leave anything blank on the form.

If you do not know all details, ask to bring the application home and return it when you have filled in all the required parts.

Make sure that you write clearly and importantly neatly, using black or blue ink. (Some forms will ask that you use only black ink so make sure to use a black pen)

Very important you must check for spelling and grammatical errors get a friend to check if you can. Proofread your job application form 2 or 3 times before you hand it in.

Always put your last job first when completing employment information.

Always put your most recent education first. Include any training programs you have done as well as university, college and high school.

References don't always have to be a professional worker (they are best). If you have been doing volunteering work you can use leaders or managers of the organizations that you  help or if your still a student use your teachers or coarse leader. In all cases, it is best to ask for permission before using that person for a reference.

MAKE SURE you don't forget to sign the form!

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