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Exercises to help you with learning the English language

English exercises to help students and teachers from basics level up to level 2

We currently have 3 levels available for you to choose from. To view a level click on the links for each level.

Exercise topics available

Below is a list of some of the topics that have exercises.

Each topic has several exercises.

Exercise topics covered

Tenses Business Grammar
Driving Word search puzzles Colours
Alphabet Food Eating
Writing letters Jobs Prepositions
Professions Time  

How to view the exercises

To view any of the exercise click on the link for each level.

English Basics exercises

These exercises are for people with little knowledge of the English language and there are also some exercise aimed towards children.

English exercise level 1

This level is aimed at people with a basic knowledge of the English language.

English exercise level 2

English level 2 is for people who are comfortable with English. In this level there are several exercises on business as well