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Learning English using videos to help

Using video for learning English

To help Learning English we have added some videos to help you learn the English language the videos also have link to the full lesson.

All videos can be viewed by clicking on the link.

Title Creation Date
Appearance English lesson describing peoples appearance May 22, 2020
Body parts video learning English Apr 08, 2020
Colours - colors English lesson video Jul 30, 2020
English alphabet video learning English May 22, 2020
English body parts video learning English Jul 08, 2020
English lesson learning simple present tense video Mar 15, 2020
Learning English numbers video learning English Aug 12, 2020
Learning English numbers video learning English cardinal numbers Aug 29, 2020
Learning farm animals video May 14, 2020
Learning simple past tense English lesson Apr 06, 2020
Learning the English alphabet made easy using video a b c d e f Mar 10, 2020
Money learning English lesson Mar 09, 2020
Primary secondary and tertiary colours video Jul 22, 2020
Telling the time in English learning to tell the time Apr 12, 2020