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Fruit, seeds and their dispersal science lesson in English

Learn about how fruits and seeds are made and dispersed

How are fruits formed?

Fruits are formed when the ovule in an ovary is fertilized in a process known as pollination,then ovary will begin to ripen. The ovule develops into a seed and the ovary wall can become fleshy such as berries, apricots, dates and drupes. A drupe is a fleshy fruits with a thin skin and and a central stone containing the seed. Fruits can have a hard outer, Nuts are a good example.

All about fruits and seeds

Fruits are ripened ovary walls of flowers that contain seeds

Picture of how a fruit develops from the a flower into a fruit with seeds

Fruits protect the seeds and scatter them when it is time for the seeds to germinate.

Seeds develop from ovules after fertilization.

Seeds will grow when conditions are right for growth (warmth, moisture, and air).

Stages if seed germanation. From a seed to a plant.

Seeds in some plants such as maize may have only one seed leaf, called a cotyledon, while beans and others have two seed leaves.

one seed leaf cotyledon and 2 plant leaves

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