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Learning about Leaves and the various parts of a leaf

Why are plant leaves so important? Learning about stamata in a leaf

A plants leaves are very important as they produce food by way of photosynthesis using their chlorophyll, which is usually green, to absorb sunlight.

Leaves transport food and water to the plants branches and stem through the veins in a leaf.

Leaves all for the exchange of gases through the stomata (pores and air holes)where the plant releases excess water as well.

** Hint on stomata **

When you look at a leaf, the stomata cannot be seen! You need to use a microscope to be able to see it.

Learning about parts of a leaf in English

Blade is the broad thin part of a leaf.

Leaves transport food and water to the plants branches and stem.

Petiole is the stalk that joins a leaf to the stem.

Node is the part of a plant stem when one or more leaves can emerge this can form a slight swelling.

Midrib is the main vein of a leaf that runs down the centre of the blade


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