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Learning about roots and why they are important science lesson

What do roots do? Tap roots and fibrous roots explained

Roots hold the plant firmly to the soil

Tap roots are good at anchoring the plant. Plants like mango, carrot and neem have tap roots

Fibrous roots have no main roots, but have a number of roots that grow out the stem. Fibrous roots are good for holding soil in place

Roots use the root hairs to take water and minerals from the soil and pass them to the stem

Roots can be used for storing food such as carrot, cassava, potato, sweet potato, radish and turnip.

Roots of the mangrove tree are used to help the tree breath.

Roots of the money plant, ivy and orchid are used to clasp to other trees or other objects.

Roots of the banyan tree, called prop roots are used for holding the trunk more firmly to the ground.

Learning about different types of roots

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