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Telling the time in English

What will I learn from the video learning how to tell the time in English?

This video is will help you learn to start telling the time in English. The video describes the clock face and gives examples of times and a few exercises for you to try at the end of the video.

Telling the time video

To start playing the video click on the play button if you need to pause the video just click on the play button again.

The reason the video is slow is to help you understand each slide without having to pause the video.


Full lesson on telling the time

To view the full lesson on learning to tell the time click on the following link. Telling the Time - learning to tell time in English

How to ask someone what the time is

  • Excuse me, what's the time?
  • What time is it sir?
  • Can you tell me the time please?
  • Hello, what time do you make it?

Telling the time

There are a couple of ways that we can answer what the time is:

The time is 2 o' clock.

It's 4 o' clock.

John: Can you tell me what's the time, please?

Sarah: Sure It's six o'clock.

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