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Learning simple past tense English lesson

What will I be learning from the lesson learning about simple past tense

During this English lesson you will start learning what is simple past tense and how to use it in your own sentences

What is simple past tense and how do I use it?

You will use simple past tense when you talk about actions that have already happened at a some time in the past. You need to use a time adverb when using in a sentence.

Simple past tense video

Below is the video explaining what simple past tense is . The video shows several examples of how to use the tense in your own sentences. To play the video click on the play button if you need to pause the video click on the play button when the video is playing.


Full lesson is available

To view the full lesson on learning simple present tense click on the link to start doing the lesson now Simple past Tense English lesson there are more lessons on simple present tense just click on the link to view all lessons about English grammar.

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