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Direct and Indirect Speech: Practice Sheet 1

Turn these sentences with direct speech into those with indirect speech:

  1. Peter said, "I have got a toothache".
  2. Annie said, "I am very busy now".
  3. "Give me a cup of water," Mark told her.
  4. Jessica said, "I am going to college."
  5. She said to me, "Thank you"
  6. Steven said, "Ashley must go tomorrow".
  7. Emily says, "My father is a teacher."

Answer Key

  1. Peter said that he had got a toothache.
  2. Annie said that she was very busy then.
  3. Mark asked her to give him a cup of water.
  4. Jessica said that she was going to college.
  5. She thanked me.
  6. Steven said that Ashley would have to go the following day.
  7. Emily says that her father is a teacher.

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