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Punctuation Practice Sheet 1

Punctuation marks help us to make sense of what we are reading.

.     A full stop tells us to stop.

?     A question mark tells us that a question is being asked.

,     A comma tells us to pause. It is used to separate items in a list.

Punctuate these sentences correctly. Put it capital letters, full stops, question marks and commas.

  1. gold iron silver and lead are all metals


  2. cyprus corsica malta and sicily are all islands


  3. how many days are there in a week


  4. did you seen any zebra at the zoo


  5. does she know how to make tea


  6. sam invited joe kin tim and jack to his party


  7. orange yellow green blue indigo and violet are rainbow colors


Answer Key

  1. Gold, iron, silver and lead are all metals.
  2. Cyprus, Corsica, Malta and Sicily are all islands.
  3. How many days are there in a week?
  4. Did you see any zebra at the zoo?
  5. Does she know how to make tea?
  6. Sam invited Joe, Kin, Tim and Jack to his party.
  7. Orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet are the rainbow colors.

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