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Plural Nouns Practice Sheet 2

Rewrite the following sentences by changing the underline nouns into their plural form. Do the required changes.

  1. Monkey sat on the tree.


  2. The house caught fire.


  3. The dog barked at the fox.


  4. The bush has white rose.


  5. The fox ate acorn.


  6. The clock was ticking.


  7. The girl is playing with doll.


  8. The table has so much dust.


  9. The pond is full of fish.


Answer Key

  1. Monkeys sat on the trees.
  2. The houses caught fire.
  3. The dogs barked at the foxes.
  4. The bushes have white roses.
  5. The foxes ate acorns.
  6. The clocks were ticking.
  7. The girls were playing with dolls.
  8. The tables have so much dust.
  9. The ponds are full of fish.

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