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Adverbs Practice Sheet 2

Complete the sentence by inserting an adjective or adverb.

  1. It seems like he's always in a hurry. I wonder why he always walks so ________________ (quick/quickly).
  2. Library is my favorite place to study. It's always ________________ (quiet/quietly).
  3. Jessica has ________________ (happy/happily) to help us out with this project.
  4. Emily sings ________________ (beautiful/beautifully). She's been a member of church choir she was seven years old.
  5. This family speaks Dutch very ________________ (good/well). They lived in Amsterdam for two years.
  6. Our neighbors always play ________________ (loud/loudly) music on the weekends. It's so annoying.
  7. Make sure you're careful ________________ (careful/carefully) in the hallway. The floors may still be wet.
  8. Dan is very smart, but he is not a very ________________ (good/well) student.
  9. He reacted ________________ (angry/angrily) to the news. I have never seen him so upset.
  10. We didn't ________________ (complete/completely) understand the teacher's instructions. Most of us did not finish the assignment.

Answer Key

  1. quickly
  2. quiet
  3. happily
  4. beautifully
  5. well
  6. loud
  7. careful
  8. good
  9. angrily
  10. completely

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