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Future perfect exercise about the new year

How to complete the exercise on future continuous and state verbs

To complete the exercise use the words "By the end of this year" or "By the end of next year" before each of the examples and then complete the sentence.

Future continuous and state verbs exercise

Each answer must have a state verb and be future perfect / continuous.

Start each sentence with Complete the sentence

By the end of this year


By the end of next year

I will have read ________________ books

I will have spent ________________ studying English

I will have grown or shrunk ________________

I will have put on or lost ________________

I will have saved ________________

I will have spent ________________ on clothes

I will have walked ________________

I will have cycled ________________

I will have eaten ________________ of fruit

I will have written ________________

I will have washed ________________

I will have slept ________________

I will have learnt ________________

I will have used up ________________

I will have forgotten ________________

Future Continuous and State Verbs exercise

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