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Exercise on modal auxiliaries for possibility and prediction

How to complete the exercise on modal auxiliaries

In this exercise you will practise using the subject + modal + verb. In the United Kingdom there are many different things can happen during the winter months and there are many different possibilities. Write your answers on a blank sheet of paper

Use the following modal auxiliaries to talk about these possibilities.

can could will might may be going to

Using the modal auxiliaries listed above use them with the following possibilities.

cold slippery get sick catch a cold
dangerous roads snowstorm difficult to see pavements
icy roads cold hands parking space car covered with snow
freezing rain icy windshield accident be late

Now think of a verb to go with a modal auxiliary


It can get very cold in the winter time. (Can = modal auxiliaries, get = verb, cold = possibilities)

The pavements might be slippery, so be careful. (might = modal auxiliaries, be = verb, slippery = possibilities)

Write your answers on a blank piece of paper

*** Hint: Do not use "to" after a modal auxiliary ***

modal auxiliaries exercise

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