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Exercise on compound nouns about jobs

How to complete the exercise on compact nouns

Read the full sentence to give you a clue about the word in bold. Write your answers in the blank spaces.

Compound noun exercise on jobs

  1. _____________ guide told us everything about the history of the castle but I couldn't remember any of it when I got home
  2. _____________ athletes nowadays get paid too much money for what is basically a hobby
  3. _____________ pilot is always being away from home
  4. _____________ workers so they can pick their children up from school at 3 or 4 o'clock
  5. _____________ brokers have such high pressure jobs that they often have to retire in their 30s or 40s. Luckily, they can make a lot of money before that time.
  6. Using _____________ hunters to steal the top staff or other companies is unfair business practice.
  7. _____________ guards do a job that is similar to a police officer, they don't get nearly as much money or respect
  8. _____________ stars
  9. _____________ clerk in an international airport, it's important to speak as many languages as possible
  10. _____________ manager in a company is the worst possible position, because you get pressure from above and below
  11. Although there are many _____________ women nowadays, they still don't have the same opportunities as men
  12. _____________ personalities are almost as famous as film stars, they don't get very much money at all
  13. Job advertisements never say that _____________ attendants must be good looking, but this is actually the real reason they get the job.

compound nouns exercise about jobs

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