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Telephone exercise on how do you say it?

How to complete the exercise on how do I say it?

To complete the exercise answer the 15 questions about telephone conversations and talking to other people. Write your answers on a separate piece of paper.

How do I say it exercise?

1. How do you ask someone what his or her name is on the telephone?

2. You need to tell someone on the telephone to wait. What do you say?

3. You can't understand what someone is saying at work or on the phone. How do you ask someone to repeat himself or herself in a polite way?

4. You don't understand how to do something. How do you ask someone to explain it to you? How do you ask someone to explain it to you again?

5. You have to leave a message. How do you tell someone you want to leave a message? What information do you have to leave?

6. You have to take a message. What do you write down? What information do you ask for?

7. You have to tell someone to wait before he or she can talk to someone. What do you say?

8. What do you think you'll have to ask someone to do for you? How do you ask someone to do it for you?

9. You need to talk to someone in private. Maybe it is your supervisor or manager. How do you ask? What do you say?

10. You have a doctor's / dentist's appointment or other personal business to take care of. How do you ask for some time off?

11. You are going to be late for work. When you call to tell someone, what do you say? How do you say it? Who should you ask for?

12. You have arrived late to work. How do you explain the reason you were late? Think of a reason that you could be late for work.

13. How do you tell someone that you don't want to go to lunch with him or her in a polite way?

14. You want someone to go to lunch with you. How do you ask?

15. Tell about a family member or a friend.

16. How do you ask if someone has already told you his or her name?

telephone and conversation how do I say exercise

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