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General questions about everyday items and life exercise

How to complete the exercise on everyday questions

To complete the exercise answer each question. You can answer with a single word or answer with a short sentence.

General questions exercise

Question Your answers

A train system that travels under the street

The fuel that you put in your car

Small sweet things that children often buy and keep in the pockets to eat later

The covering of your car's engine that you must open to check the water and oil

The place where you need to go after drinking a lot of water

A portable light that you can use to find your way in the dark

A thing that a woman carries her possessions around in, often made from leather

The time when your tyres lose all their air

A time when you don't have to work, e.g. Xmas

Clothes that men and women wear on the bottom half of their body, e.g. jeans

Small, sweet snacks that are usually circular and can be eaten with a hot drink

A person who delivers your letters.

A thing that a man puts his money in.

The place where the train times are written.


questions exercise about things in everyday items

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