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Crossword about Countries and Cities

How to complete the crossword on Countries and Cities?

To complete the crossword answer the clues for both across and and down then fill out the crossword. If you are struggling with a clue go back to it after some letters have been added from other answers

Country and city crossword

country and city crossword


6. This African country is famous for football stars like Samuel Eto'o and Roger Miller.

7. This country has the world's second largest population after China.

9. They speak French in this European country.

11. The capital is Brasilia.

15. Where is Nelson Mandela from?

17. This country is home to the kangaroos and koalas.

18. This is the capital of England.


1. Which country's capital is Mexico city?

2. What is the capital of Italy?

3. This is the oldest country in the world.

4. What sport is Brazil famous for?

5. The Capital of this country is Moscow.

8. Like Austalia, this country is English speaking with a Maori & European population.

10. This is the country where the Great wall is.

12. This country hosted the 2006 World Cup.

13. Which North African country is famous for its pyramids?

14. It's capital is Tokyo.

16. It is a Spanish speaking country in Western Europe.

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