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What's the matter with you? Health and sickness crossword

How to complete the crossword on what's the matter with you?

To complete the crossword you have to answer the clues for across and and down. Write your answers in the blank spaces and then fill out the crossword.

Health and sickness crossword

health and sickness what's the matter with you exercise


1. I have a ________________.

3. You look tired. You should have a ________________.

5. What's the ________________?

7. You should see the ________________.


2. You should go to the ________________.

4. You need to take some ________________.

6. I have a ________________.

8. Tom is not in school today. He has a ________________.

9. You have a toothache. Don't eat ________________.

Answers to the crossword

Click on the link to view the answers Health and sickness words crossword answers

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