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Crossword exercise about sports and what we do

How to complete the exercise on the what we do in sports?

Answer the questions for across and down. If you are struggling move on to the next question and come back to it.

sports crossword learning English


5. Football is a team sport. You should ________________ the ball.

7. He likes to ________________ with the ball. His team mates do not like his play style.

8. We jump and ________________ the ball a lot when we play volleyball.

9. What is another word for STRIKE?

11. In a game, some people win, some ________________.

12. The match was a ________________.

13. The football match was a ________________. The score was one all.


1. We ________________ over a high place in the game of high jump.

2. Athletes who ________________ first can win a gold medal.

3. In the game of equestrian, we ________________ a horse over a barrier.

4. Sports fans always clap and ________________ for their athlete.

6. We need to ________________ the ball in volleyball to start the play.

8. We ________________ arrows in the game of archery.

10. In basketball, we catch and ________________ the ball.

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