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Modal verbs of ability exercise English grammar

How to complete the exercise on modal verbs?

Put in the following modals of ability into the missing blanks. If none is possible then in the correct tense use 'be able to'.

Be able to

Modal verbs of ability answers

  1. ________________ you ski when you were 15?
  2. We ________________ get to the meeting on time yesterday because the plane was late by 2 hours.
  3. He ________________ arrive at the party on time, even after missing the bus, so he was very pleased.
  4. He's amazing, he ________________ speak 3 languages including French.
  5. I ________________ drive a car until I was 34, then I moved to the countryside so I had to learn.
  6. I looked everywhere for my sunglasses but I ________________ find them anywhere.
  7. I searched for your flat for ages, luckily I ________________ find it in the end.
  8. She's 7 years old but she ________________ read yet – her parents are paying for extra lessons.
  9. I read the book three times but I ________________ understand it
  10. Sarah ________________ speak Thai when he lived in Thailand, but she has forgotten most of it now.

modal verb exercise

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