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Modal verbs grammar exercise part 2 answers

Answers to the modal verbs of ability exercise?

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Modal verbs of ability exercise

  1. I couldn't understand the chapter we had to read for homework. It was really difficult.
  2. I can't lift this suitcase – it's too heavy! Would you please help me?
  3. Sarah can't make it to our meeting after all. She's stuck in traffic at the moment.
  4. Jason can play table tennis very well. He's champion of his local club.
  5. Unfortunately, I really can't sing at all! No-one in my family is musical either.
  6. When the motorbike broke down I was really pleased because I was able to solve the problem.
  7. Julian couldn play excellent golf when he was only ten.
  8. My grandmother couldn't use a computer until last month. Since then, she's been taking lessons at the library.
  9. I can't open this window. I think it's stuck!
  10. Gill can't play the piano. She's never studied it.

modal verbs exercise

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