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Describing Traditional Christmas foods Exercise 1

How to complete the exercise Christmas guessing game

To complete the exercise read the each sentence and choose an answers from the 3 choices.

Extra difficulty!

Get a friend to read the questions to you without you looking at the 3 choices for extra difficulty then swap roles.

Questions about traditional Christmas foods

In Austria they often eat fried carp for Christmas dinner. What is a Carp:

a) Fish

b) vegetable

c) bird

A British Christmas cake is usually covered with:

a) Cream

b) Marzipan and white sugar icing

c) Chocolate icing

The ingredients of a British Christmas cake include:

a) Strawberries

b) Raisins and fruit

c) Custard

If two types of potatoes are eaten as part of an Irish, British or Canadian Christmas dinner, they are usually:

a) Mashed and roast

b) Baked and boiled

c) Fried and steamed

British, Canadians and Americans usually eat turkey with cranberry sauce. Cranberry sauce is a kind of:

a) Jam

b) Gravy

c) Glazing

A traditional Ukrainian Christmas dinner has:

a) 3 courses

b) 5 courses

c) 12 courses

The main dish of a traditional German Christmas dinner is:

a) Roast Pork

b) Roast goose

c) Roast turkey

Possible meats at a Dutch meal include pheasant. Pheasant is a kind of wild:

a) Pig

b) Bird

c) Bear

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