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Describing Traditional Christmas foods Guessing the Food Exercise 2

How to complete the exercise Christmas guessing game

To complete the exercise guessing food you must read the each sentence and choose an answers from the 3 choices.

Extra difficulty!

Get a friend to read the questions without you looking at the 3 choices for extra difficulty.

Questions about traditional Christmas foods

Until turkey became popular in the UK, the most popular Christmas dish was boar. Boar is a kind of wild what?:

a) Pig

b) Loin

c) Bear

Traditional vegetables that are used in a traditional British Christmas dinner are always winter vegetables, such as roast parsnips. A parsnip looks like a light:

a) Carrot

b) Cabbage

c) Pea

A British Christmas pudding is:

a) Baked

b) Steamed

c) Grilled

If there is still some left-over turkey after a British Christmas dinner, which is always as people tend to buy a very big bird, it is eaten in sandwiches and as a salad. If there is still some left, turkey is used as an ingredient in:

a) A vegetarian burger

b) A stew

c) A fondue

Nut roast is a Christmas dinner suitable for:

a) People with nut allergies

b) People on a diet

c) Vegetarians

The main ingredient of mince pies (often eaten on Christmas day in the UK and New Zealand) is:

a) Minced pork

b) Minced beef

c) Dried fruit

Before it is a cooked, a turkey is often stuffed with:

a) Tripe

b) Bread and herbs

c) Rice and raisins

If prawns are served as part of a Christmas dinner in the UK they are usually part of the:

a) Starter

b) Main course

c) Dessert

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