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Christmas and New Year Tense Mimes Game and Exercise

How to complete the exercise game on Christmas and New year tenses

This is an exercise / game that needs to have 2 or more people in a team. They must choose one of the actions listed below and mime it to the other person or group. They then have to guess what the person who's miming is doing.

How to answer the mimes

Try and say a complete sentence. Are you skiing?

Mimes and Christmas tenses exercise and game

  • visiting people
  • shopping
  • doing a spring clean
  • watching a film a movie
  • watching TV
  • sledging
  • cracking nuts
  • skating
  • skiing
  • pulling crackers
  • carving a roast roast chicken
  • telling jokes
  • eating sweets / candy
  • eating grapes
  • putting up Christmas decorations
  • going for a walk decorating
  • a Christmas tree
  • arguing
  • tearing the wrapping paper off a present
  • writing Christmas cards
  • praying
  • giving a toast
  • singing Christmas songs
  • knocking on neighbours' doors and singing songs carols to them
  • playing a musical instrument
  • making a snowman
  • throwing snowballs
  • opening a bottle of champagne
  • cutting a cake into slices
  • pouring gravy on your dinner
  • putting some meat into the oven
  • lighting a firework
  • watching fireworks working
  • travelling by train
  • dressing up in a Santa Claus costume
  • kissing someone
  • hanging up a stocking a large sock
  • putting gifts into a stocking
  • putting gifts into a shoe
  • eating fish
  • lighting candles.
  • putting decorations on a cake.
  • putting on a paper party hat
  • eating
  • drinking soup
  • make an offering of food and/ or drink

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