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Missing Words Business Comparative Adjectives Exercise 2 and Game Answers

Answers to exercise 2 on business comparative adjectives

Answers to the exercise Business Comparative Adjectives Exercise 2 and Game

To play as a game

To play as a game get your classroom partner (or friend) to guess what word is missing from the sentence.

Business words exercise 2 and game answers

1. A polite email to a client is usually longer than when sending an informal email to a colleague.

2. A text message is usually shorter than an email.

3. Sending a letter is more romantic than sending an email.

4. A memo is more important than a company newsletter.

5. BCCing someone is more private than CCing someone .

6. Sending a signed contract by bicycle courier is more official than faxing a signed contract.

7. Typing up the minute of a meeting is more boring than having to write a report.

8. People who send very short emails with lots of abbreviations and acronyms are usually busier than people who write out everything in full.

9. A note is a lot shorter than a memo would be.

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