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Missing Words Business Comparative Adjectives Exercise / Game Answers

Answers to the exercise business comparative adjectives

The answer to the exercise Business Comparative Adjectives Exercise and Game.

To play as a game

To play as a game get your classroom partner (or friend) to guess what word that is in bold.

Business words exercise and game

1. Writing an email is quicker than writing a letter.

2. Sending a postcard is cheaper than sending a letter.

3. Minutes written in shorthand are more difficult to read than minutes written in longhand.

4. A message left on your answer machine is easier to ignore than a note stuck on your computer's screen.

5. The paper you print out a memo on is usually bigger than the paper you write a note on

6. In my country, sending texts is more popular than sending emails.

7. Using emoticons is friendlier than using abbreviations and acronyms

8. Writing an SMS with your thumb is slower than writing an email on a computer keyboard.

9. Cancelling a meeting by texting someone is worse than cancelling a meeting by leaving an answer on their answer machine.

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