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Business English Tenses Exercise

Answers to the exercise on tenses

These are the answers to the exercise Business English Tenses Exercise

English tense exercise 1

  1. In this country, You'd better start looking at the job ads if you want to climb the corporate ladder.
  2. There aren't many shopping days left till Xmas.
  3. She'll sign on for another 5 years if you just increase the bonus a little.
  4. They'd rather have no deal at all than lose face.
  5. here's probably the place with the best balance between work and play in Europe.
  6. Our competitors must've given bribes to get that last deal, they have such a bad reputation.
  7. Business conditions won't improve much in the next financial year.
  8. that'll only work if we change the whole corporate culture of the company.
  9. If you improve your time management, they'll only find more work for you to do.
  10. We should've taken more holidays last year, as it would actually have improved our productivity.
  11. If we just ignore it, it'll go away.
  12. I don't know who's replacing my boss, but I don't envy him.
  13. I'm always late, aren't I?
  14. Proper grammar's really important in Business English, but I ain't got none.

Exercise 2

Which of the 14 sentences in exercise 1 are standard spoken English?

The answers is sentence 14 the word that is not standard English is ain't

** HINT **

Repeat the sentences, and pay attention to any words that have been shortened.

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