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Business English similarities answers

Answers to the exercise on tenses

The answers to the exercise Business English similarities exercise

Exercise what are the similarities in each question

Questions 1 answer

All three sentences express a action that is temporary and is in progress at a particular time.

  1. I can't talk. I'm meeting a client.
  2. I was just closing the deal when my direct boss walked in and ruined everything.
  3. My plane will be landing just as yours is taking off.

Questions 2 answer

All three sentences are connecting two different times, An example is, the present and the past for the Present Perfect.

  1. I've been in exactly this situation many times.
  2. They had already accepted a rival bid by the time we had ours ready.
  3. They will have increased sales by 50% well before the projected time.

Questions 3 answer

All three sentences are passives. The grammatical subject of the sentence is different to the 'agent' - which is doing the action.

  1. A good team is made from good individuals
  2. The computer, like so many other inventions, was invented to help us wage war
  3. Wine has been produced here since the year dot.

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