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Business English tense exercise 2

How to complete the exercise on tenses

To complete the exercise make a statement about yourself using the sentences below. use the time clauses to help below the sentences.

This exercise is following on from Business English tense exercise

Exercise business tenses

  1. I didn't have a lot of experience
  2. My boss uses a laptop
  3. I was looking for a different job
  4. I worked for my present company's major competitor
  5. I have been working on this project
  6. I last made a conference call in English
  7. I'm flying to Munich I'll finish this report
  8. I was caught making personal phone calls
  9. I've had a lot in my in-tray
  • when I joined this company
  • in the 1990s
  • the other day
  • during a meeting
  • recently
  • since January
  • hardly ever
  • by Tuesday
  • never
  • for a year
  • in a fortnight's time
  • this week

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