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Silent Letters and Syllables Pronunciation Business English answers

Answers to the exercise

The first column on the left all have silent letters. The column on the right all have syllables that disappear when are spoken at natural speed.

Answers to the exercise Silent Letters and Syllables Pronunciation Business English exercise

All the answers are the letters that are underlined

  1. write
  2. know
  3. answer
  4. receipt
  5. listen
  6. sign
  7. whole
  8. budget
  9. scientist
  10. psychographics
  11. white knight
  12. knowledge
  13. mortgage
  14. debt
  15. debtor
  16. foreign exchange
  17. advertising campaign
  18. social climbing
  19. factory
  20. corporate
  1. secondary
  2. monetary union
  3. traveller
  4. travelling
  5. brand preference
  6. interest rates
  7. average
  8. general
  9. generally
  10. Annual General Meeting
  11. interesting
  12. national
  13. nationalise
  14. nationally
  15. business interests
  16. inventories
  17. natural
  18. territory

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