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Business Needs Interview Form exercise

** This exercise is made up application form **

How to complete this exercise

This exercise is designed to help you practise filling in application forms. The job is you are interviewed for you need to be able to speak English and help others. The first part of the exercise you need to fill out the application form with your own answers. After when you have finished, practise with a partner and ask them the questions from the topics in the form.

Interview worksheet

General Information:







Foreign travel:


Any other personal information:


Motivation for studying English: Present needs for work, studies or travel:

Future needs for work, studies or travel:


Top priorities:


English language exams?


Language Learning Experience: Previous studies and opinions on:



Other languages:


Other Study of, Practice of and Use of English (in work and free time): Present:





English Language Strengths and Weaknesses: Strengths:





Opinions about Language Learning:


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