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Although and Even Though exercise

How to complete the exercise although & even though

To complete the exercise you need to combine the sentences using "although" or "even though". Try to add more to these sentences if you want to.

What do 'although' and 'even though' mean?

Although and even though are used when you need to express an unexpected result, giving in / concession or contrast.

Exercise although & even though

1. It was raining. We went to the beach.

2. We were tired. We continued working.

3. It was getting late. We decided to stay and talk a little longer.

4. She has to drive twenty minutes to get to his house. She gave him a ride home, which was very nice of her.

5. It was very cold out. We decided to go for a walk in the park.

6. She was getting impatient and wanted to leave. He stayed at the computer for a little while longer.

7. The roads were really bad, and many people decided not to drive that night. We went to the market anyway.

8. The prices are a little higher at that supermarket. We like to go shopping there anyway.

9. He's extremely afraid of traveling by areoplane. We were able to convince him to go with us.

10. They said they were on a diet. They had chocolate cake for dessert.

Answers to the worksheet

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