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Adverbs of frequency expressions exercise

How to complete the exercise on adverbs of frequency?

Add frequency expressions (Once a week, almost always etc.) so that the sentences describe the maximum number of times somebody should be able to do such things without getting into trouble or sacked.

Exercise on adverbs of frequency

Write your answers on a piece of paper.


He always employs female secretaries because of their good looks.

He employs female secretaries because of their good looks three or four times a year.

He asks female members of staff to make the tea for guests.

He employs female secretaries because of their looks.

He employs air stewardesses because of their looks.

She makes rude remarks when the men wear tight trousers etc.

He complements his female subordinates on their appearance.

He calls the female managers "dear" or "my love".

He lets female employees go home early when they have their period.

He won't let female members of staff do any heavy physical labour.

He hangs a topless Pirelli calendar on the inside of his cubicle.

She pats male colleagues on the bum.

He tells sexist jokes during drinks after work.

He suggests that female members of staff should wear skirts.

He criticizes the male clerks for having long hair or wearing jewellery.

He complains about having a female boss.

He holds open doors for ladies.

He helps female clients with their coats.

He lets women go through doors before him.

She ignores her female colleagues.

She stands near the water cooler and flirts with the men.

He leans out of the window and whistles at good looking women who walk past.

He talks about which female celebrities are sexy or not and why during the lunch break.

Adverbs of frequency exercise

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