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A conversation exercise between 4 people at a doctors surgery

How to complete the exercise on a conversation about 4 people?

To complete the exercise read the conversation and then answer the 14 questions about the conversation. The last exercise is 3 questions for you read and then answer.


Laura: Good morning, I have an appointment with Doctor Clark at 8:30.

Clerk: Let me pull your record. In the meantime, please sign-in and have a seat.

Nurse: Laura Nicholson.

Laura: Here.

Nurse: Follow me to Room A please.

Nurse: Here we are. What are your reasons for seeing Doctor Clark today?

Laura: Well, lately I have been feeling tired, and occasionally I have had really bad headaches and an upset stomach. On top of that, I have had this persistent cough for the last two weeks.

Nurse: When did you start having these symptoms?

Laura: I started feeling tired about two months ago; then, a little bit after that the headaches came. I got the upset stomach long before feeling tired.

Nurse: Are you taking any medications?

Laura: Only my vitamins.

Nurse: What vitamins are you taking?

Laura: I am taking a multi-vitamin tablet and extra Vitamin C every day.

Nurse: OK, let me take your vital signs.

Laura: How am I doing?

Nurse: Everything is good—normal blood pressure and no high temperature. Please wait here for a minute. Doctor Clark will be with you in a moment.

Laura: Thank you.

Doctor: Good morning, Laura.

Laura: Good morning, Doctor.

Doctor: I see here that you started feeling tired two months ago, and then you started having bad headaches. You also have had an upset stomach and a persistent cough. Did you run a fever too?

Laura: No, doctor.

Doctor: Let me do a quick physical check up.

Doctor: Please take a deep breath, hold your breath, and exhale. Do it again please.

Doctor: Were there any changes in your diet or your weight lately?

Laura: I ate the usual things, but I lost five pounds recently.

Doctor: Did you suffer from insomnia?

Laura: Well, it is pretty hard for me to fall asleep when I go to bed. I also woke up many times during the night.

Doctor: Do you drink? Do you smoke?

Laura: No.

Doctor: How are things at work?

Laura: There was a change of ownership three months ago, and I had to work a lot of overtime, even during the weekend.

Doctor: It looks like you have pneumonia. Other than that, I do not see any problems. You are probably under stress from changes at work, and the stress causes headaches, upset stomach, and sleeplessness. For now, try to relax and exercise. It may solve your problems. Come back to see me again if the symptoms persist, and I will do further tests. I am going to give you a prescription for your pneumonia. Are you allergic to any medications?

Laura: Not to my knowledge.

Doctor: OK, take this medication three times a day after you eat. Also, I want you to have some blood tests. Stop by the laboratory on your way out and have the nurse draw your blood.

Laura: I am anxious to know my cholesterol level. When will I get the results of the blood test?

Doctor: The results will be available in two weeks. Don't stress yourself. I think everything will be OK.

Laura: Thank you, Doctor.

Doctor: You are welcome.

Comprehension test about the conversation

Answer the 14 questions about the conversation

a) What time is Laura's appointment with the doctor?

b) Where does the physical check-up take place?

c) Why does Laura want to see Doctor Clark?

d) When did Laura start feeling bad?

e) What kinds of medications is she taking?

f) How are Laura's vital signs?

g) What kind of information is Dr. Clark trying to get from Laura?

h) What happened at work? What happened to Laura after that?

i) What is Dr. Clark's diagnosis?

j) What will happen if the symptoms persist?

k) What does Dr. Clark want to know before he gives Laura a prescription?

l) How many times a day does Laura have to take the medicine for pneumonia?

m) What else does Dr. Clark want Laura to do?

n) When will Laura get the results of her blood test?

Exercise 2

a) How often do you go to the doctor for a physical checkup?

b) What kind of illness do you usually have? How do you treat it?

c) How important is exercise to good health?

Conversation exercise between 4 people at a doctors surgery

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