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Rewriting an email to a more formal business letter exercise

How to complete the exercise on rewriting a business email?

To complete this exercise you have to rewrite the following extracts from emails and write them as a more formal business letter.

The key points in the letters have been highlighted.

Email 1


Thanks for your email received last night. Sorry for the delay in replying.

This email is to confirm we have reserved five single rooms for Friday October 14 and 15.

See you in Venice.

Take care

John Brown

Email 2

The beginning email as been left out. Use the correct beginning to start the business letter.

Just a quick note to confirm our appointment on May 11. My flight gets in about 11 a.m. Any chance somebody could pick me up at the airport? I attach a file that I promised to send.

See you next week.

Simon Jones

rewriting emails to a more formal business letter

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