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Receptionist and a customer telephone conversation exercise

How to complete the exercise between a receptionist and a customer?

To complete the exercise you have to complete the conversation between a receptionist and a customer. In the table below is a list of commands read each one then write a sentence for each one until you have completed the conversation.

Telephone conversation exercise

A customer as just rang windows publishing and answered with good morning...

Receptionist Caller
"Good morning, Windows Publishing." Introduce yourself.
Say Mr Barry is not in. Ask to speak to Mr Barry.
Explain that he is out of office for a few days. Offer to take a message. Ask when you can contact him.
Ask the caller to repeat his/ her name and give you his/ her telephone number. Say you would like Mr Barry to call you.
Confirm the information. Repeat your name and give your number.
End call. End call.

telephone conversation exercise between a receptionist and a customer

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