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Exercise using numbers with idioms and proverbs

How to complete the exercise on numbers idioms and proverbs

To complete the exercise you need to read all the sentences and then write what you think is the correct number in the blank spaces for each sentence.

Exercise numbers idioms and proverbs

We found out all the ideas we had for the new product's name were already registered trademarks of our competitors, so we had to go back to square ________________

It wasn't such a bad mistake, but the manager already had ________________ strikes against him and so finally he was transferred to a less important branch.

He said the only reason negotiations broke down was because our suppliers were being inflexible, but I say it takes ________________ to tango.

I'm in ________________ minds about whether to accept the offer or not

Since we found out that the section managers are secretly dating each other, the employees have all been making excuses for not joining them for drinks in the evenings. As they say: two's company, ________________'s a crowd.

I'm determined to get his permission, even if I have to get down on all ________________s beg

With a nine to ________________ executive attitude like that, he seems better suited to being clerical staff than a sales

The Sales Department and the Marketing Department both laid all the blame on each other for the unsuccessful third quarter, but I think it was ________________ of one and half a dozen of the other

We thought we were going to have to look for another supplier, but at the ________________th hour we solved our last remaining disputes and signed a new contract.

I can think of a ________________ and one reasons why that new employee won't be able to do this job.

I've told my secretary a ________________ times not to put any calls through to me when I'm meeting client, but she's too scared to ever say no to my boss

Exercise using numbers with idioms and proverbs

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