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Exercise matching the correct idioms and proverbs to each sentence

How to complete the exercise on matching idioms and proverbs

To complete the exercise which of the following are related to the blank spaces in the second part of the exercise.

Exercise numbers idioms and proverbs

Match the following with part 2 of the exercise

  1. Something that is extremely rare or unique, like finding a diamond in your garden
  2. A bar on a golf course. That is, the place after the 18th hole.
  3. Slap somebody else's hand above your heads. The number comes from the number of fingers you use.
  4. Half each.
  5. You can do two things with one action.
  6. I can't dance and/ or I am clumsy in other ways, as if my there is something wrong with my body
  7. Feeling great, like someone who has just won the top prize in a television quiz show
  8. Usually or almost always, expressed as a fraction
  9. This phrase is used for weighing up two options, as if you were weighing two bars of gold on your hands.

Part 2 of the exercise on idioms and proverbs

Write the number for each blank and also the correct number to complete the sentence

  1. On the ________________ hand I don't want to give a speech at the conference, but on the other hand it will look good on my CV.
  2. Luckily, the piano arrived at its destination all in ________________ piece.
  3. ________________ heads are better than one when you are brainstorming original solutions to a problem.
  4. When we fly to our LA branch we can kill birds ________________ with one stone and visit some of our local dealers.
  5. I really tried to take part in the dance routine at the company's end of year cabaret show, but I have ________________ left feet
  6. When they heard that he had made the biggest trade of the year, the other traders gathered round his desk to give him high ________________s and congratulate him.
  7. ________________ times out of ten, if you have a problem on the computer it is something small that can be easily fixed.
  8. The round of golf was quicker than we expected, so we moved onto the ________________ th hole for a quick drink before we went home.
  9. We had both done an equal amount of work, so it seemed fair to divide the money ________________
  10. The inventor of the Walkman was one in ________________ and Sony have never really managed to replace him.
  11. I've been feeling like a ________________ dollars since our company took us away to that spa resort.

matching proverbs and idioms exercise

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