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Different types of hobbies crossword exercise 

How to complete the exercise on hobbies

To complete the crossword answer the clues for down and across use the list of words to help you. 

Stamps Coins Guitar  Chess Flowers Computer Volleyball

Gardening Music Swimming Indoor Winter Sunday 

Sometimes Sandcastles Internet  Shells Park

Hobbies crossword exercise

hobbies crossword exercise

1. My mother is into planting ______ .
3. She likes collecting sea _____ at the seaside.
5. My grandpa enjoys playing _______ 
7. Watching TV is an _______activity.
10. I like collecting _______ .
11. Bob likes surfing the ________ .
12. I always play soccer on _______ .
15. I like making a snowman in the_     __.

2. We all love listening to _______ .
4. Bob enjoys playing ______ games.
6. I like playing basketball and ______ .
8. I usually go ______ in the summer.
9. We can build ________ on the beach during the summer.
13. My brother likes playing the______ 
14. Mary is always working in the garden. She loves ____ .
16. My friend likes walking in the ____ 
17.John likes collecting __        ___ .
18. I __        __ go shopping with my mum.

Print the crossword onto some paper

To print the crossword on the hobbies right click on a white space and select print or copy and paste the part of the exercise you want onto a word document and then print onto some paper.

Answers to the crossword

Click on the link to view the answers Hobbies crossword exercise answers

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