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Prepositions of Place and Location exercise

How to complete the exercise on prepositions of place

This exercise you have to study the picture below then complete the following to exercises. The first one you have to fill in the missing blanks with the correct preposition. The last exercise is answering some questions about the picture.

                                                                                          Prepositions of Place and Location exercise

Fill in the missing blanks with the correct prepositions:

1.    There are several pictures            the wall.

2.    There are two pillows            the bed.

3.    There's a towel hanging            the wall.

4.    There's a towel hanging            a hook.

5.    There's a chair            the bed and the table.

6.    There's a jug            the table.

7.    There are some coats            the bed.

8.    You can see a light            the window.

9.    There's a door            the left.

10.  There's nothing           the bed.

Answer the following questions: on prepositions and  location

Answer the 8 questions below and use the correct preposition in your answer.

1.    How many chairs are there?

2.    Where's the bed?

3.    What's on the table?

4.    Where are the chairs?

5.    Is the room carpeted?

6.    Is there a mirror in the room?

7.    Is the person who lives here rich?

8.    Is he or she tidy?

Print the questions onto some paper

To print the lesson right click on a white space and select print or copy and past the categories onto a word document and the print.

Unable to print

If you are unable to print, then write the questions onto some blank paper.

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