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Prepositions of position find what’s wrong in the classroom exercise

How to complete the exercise on prepositions

Ask some basic Yes/ No questions to find out what is wrong in the imaginary classroom. Below is a few examples of some questions you can ask. 

Examples of some questions and answers:

“Is there something in the bin?”                                      “No, there is nothing in the bin”                    

“Is  there something on the table?”                                 “Not on the table.”

“Where is the teacher?”                                                   “He is in the library.”

“Is the sellotape on the students’ clothes?”                    “Yes, that’s right! Well done!”

Try to think of as many different ways to ask and answer the questions.

Exercise imaginary classroom

Ask questions and answer from the list below

Imaginary classroom exercise



The teacher is standing on the table



The poster is on the television screen



The Blu Tack is on the floor



The dictionaries are in the bin



The students are under the table



A board marker is in a student’s mouth



A boy’s watch is on his leg



The teacher is behind the window



A pencil is in the teacher’s ear



A student has Tippex on his face.



A student in under the carpet



All the bags are on one student’s back



The cupboard is in front of the board



A ruler is behind the whiteboard



Some scissors are in the video (= VCR = video recorder)



100 students are in the classroom



A chair is on the table



The carpet is on the table

Print the questions onto some paper

To print the lesson right click on a white space and select print or copy and past the categories onto a word document and the print.

Unable to print

If you are unable to print, then write the questions onto some blank paper.

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