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Formal Letter Writing Exercise

How to complete the exercise formal letter writing

Below there are 13 questions about writing letters. Read each question and Circle the correct answer (true / false)

Exercise 13 questions on formal letter writing

1. Is using the words 'sincerely yours'  more common in American English than in British English. True / False

2.   Is using the word 'truly'  more common in American English than in British English. True / False

3.  You put the address of the person you are writing to in the top right- hand corner of the letter. True / False

4.  If you don’t know the person’s name, sign off with Yours faithfully. True / False

5.  It is correct to finish the letter with I look forward to hear from you. True / False

6.  4/8/13 is the correct way to write the date. True / False

7.  is it best to print your name above your signature. True / False

8.  In the first paragraph you should write a few polite lines to express your admiration of the person you are writing to. True / False

9.  The first paragraph should simply contain the reason for your letter. True / False

10. The last paragraph should state what action you expect the person to take. True / False

11. You should use per pro or pp if you are signing a letter for someone else. True / False

12. Dear Mr Michael Brown is this the correct way to start a letter. True / False

13.do the letters cc stands for carbon copy True / False

 The questions you have answered false

The questions that you have answered false write down on some paper the reason why they are false and the correct way.

Print the questions onto some paper

To print the lesson right click on a white space and select print or copy and past the categories onto a word document and the print.

Unable to print

If you are unable to print, then write the 13 questions onto some blank paper.

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