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Man Injured at Fast Food Place Reading Exercise  answers

Answers to the questions about the story Fast food place 

The answers to the Questions 

  1. Where was the man injured? He was injured at a fast food restaurant.
  2. How old was the man? He was 79.
  3. How serious was his injury? His injury was slight
  4. What day was he injured? He was injured on Saturday.
  5. What was he doing when he was injured? He was accepting a cup of coffee from the employee
  6. What happened? The employee accidentally spilled coffee into the man's lap
  7. Was the employee male or female? The employee was female.
  8. What did Jason refuse? He refused medical aid.
  9. What did Jason say was the only problem? He said the only problem was the coffee stain on his slacks.
  10. When was the employee let go? She was let go later that evening.

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