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Driving Rules and Modal Verbs English Exercise answers

Answer to the exercise driving rules and verbs

Below is the answers to the exercise Driving Rules and verbs exercise learning English

Choose the correct verb 

1. If you drive a car, you ____ have a driving licence.

a. should b. must c. can

2. You ____ drink a lot and drive.

a. shouldn’t b. mustn’t c. don’t have to

3. When you are in a car, you ____ wear a seatbelt.

a. should    b. must    c. may

4. When driving a car, you ____ listen to the radio.

a. should    b. must    c. can

5. You ____ to pay road tax if you own a car.

a. should    b. must    c. have

6. You ____ stop at a red traffic light.

a. should    b. must    c. have

7. When you ride a motorbike you ____ wear a helmet.

a. should    b. must    c. have

8. You ____ smoke while you are driving.

a. should    b. must    c. can

9. If you own a car, you ____ have insurance.

a. should    b. must    c. can

10. You ____ exceed the speed limit.

a. shouldn’t    b. mustn’t   c. don’t have to 

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