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Conjunctions Exercise

How do I compete the exercise on conjunctions?

To complete the exercise you need to complete the sentences that are listed. The conjunctions have been included you just need to make the sentences complete. The object of the exercise is to help you understand what each conjunction means and how to use them. You can always read the lesson on conjunctions to help you.  

Print the exercise on some paper

To print the lesson right click on a white space and select print.

Not able to print the exercise

If you are unable to print the exercise, you can write the the questions down on paper and answer each one. 

Complete the sentences below.

1. I left early because __________________________________________________.
2. It was very expensive, but ____________________________________________.
3. They never come on time, so __________________________________________.
4. There was a train strike, so ____________________________________________.
5. I’ll do it when ______________________________________________________.
6. I’d love to help, and _________________________________________________.
7. I’m learning Japanese, but ____________________________________________.
8. I hate beach holidays, so _____________________________________________.
9. It didn’t look very good, so ___________________________________________.
10. I’ll tell her if _______________________________________________________.
11. The phone rang while ________________________________________________.
12. I felt sick, so _______________________________________________________.
13. It’s snowing, but ____________________________________________________.
14. I needed help, but ___________________________________________________.
15. I called her a number of times, but ______________________________________.
16. I wanted to speak to them while ________________________________________.
17. It’s a very expensive restaurant, and _____________________________________.
18. It’s open late, so _____________________________________________________.

Below is a list of what is conjunction means and can be used for

where, wherever

when, whenever, while, after, before, since, till, until, once, now

as soon as, as long as

because, as, since, for, although, though, to, in order to, so as to

similarity and contrast
as, than, whereas, while
if, unless, provided

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