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Conversation exercise on small talk choosing the best response

How to complete the exercise on small talk conversation

To complete the exercise on small talk read each question and choose the most suitable response for it.

Example:  How’s the family? - They're very well, thank you.

Small talk conversation exercise


a      I’ve just bought a new car – Ford Escort.

(i)    Really? I’ve heard it is a very bad car.

(ii)   Really? Why did you do that?

(iii)  Really? Are you pleased with it?


b     My daughter Sarah has gone to Oxford University.

(i)    Really? What is she studying?

(ii)   I don’t believe you!

(iii)  Oh, that must be very expensive!


c      I’m afraid I have a bad cold.

(i)    Keep away from me! I don’t want to catch it.

(ii)   I knew someone who died from a bad cold.

(iii)  That’s very bad luck. But thank you for coming to the meeting.


d     Our national team will be in the World Cup if we beat Germany.

(i)    Germany has a good team. You’re not going to win.

(ii)   Germany has a good team. I’m sure it will be a great game.

(iii)  Anyone can beat Germany. They have a terrible team.

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