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Greetings and introductions exercise fill in the missing blanks

How to complete the exercise on greeting and introductions

Fill in the missing blanks to the 3 conversations about greetings and introductions. Some questions have more then one word answers.

Fill in the blanks to the 3 conversations 


Mark  Excuse me,                      Jane Turner?

Jane   Yes, that’s                      .

Mark  May I                      myself? I’m Mark Jones. How do you do?

Jane                         , Mr Jones.


David   Hello, Chris Evans. Mind if I join you?

Chris   Oh,                      not.

Chris                         to meet you, David Batty. So how are you finding the conference so far?

David  Actually, I’ve only arrived this morning.

Chris   All right, I came 2 days ago,



Linda Dan! Good to see you again.                are things?

Dan  Hello, Linda. Fine thanks. Pretty busy, as always, I suppose. Can I introduce you to a colleague of                , Peter Winston?

Peter, this is Linda Farrell.

Peter  Nice to meet you, Ms Farrell.

Linda  Nice to meet you, too.                       , call me Linda.

Peter  Then you               call me Peter.

Print the Exercise

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