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Jobs exercise on what people do

How to complete the quiz about what people do for jobs

To complete the exercise read each sentence and decide which job describes the definition given.

Jobs exercise

_____ 1) "drives a bus"
A. waiter B. doctor C. bus driver D. waiterwhat jobs do people do for a living exercise

_____ 2) "teaches students in a school"
A. student B. dentist C. teacher D. bus driver

_____ 3) "sings songs"
A. singer B. firefighter C. waiter D. truck driver

_____ 4) "drives a truck"
A. Police officer B. doctor C. postal worker D. truck driver

_____ 5) "cooks food in a restaurant"
A. chef B. Police officer C. student D. teacher

_____ 6) "works at the police station and fights crime"
A. Police officer B. student C. singer D. postal worker

_____ 7) "serves food in a restaurant"
A. waiter B. student C. singer D. chef

_____ 8) "studies at school"
A. truck driver B. singer C. student D. dentist

_____ 9) "takes care of teeth"
A. postal worker B. chef C. dentist D. firefighterjobs exercise

_____ 10) "works in a hospital and treats sick people"
A. doctor B. teacher C. student D. truck driver

_____ 11) "works in a post office and brings letters"
A. student B. postal worker C. firefighter D. waiter

_____ 12) "fights fires and drives a fire engine"
A. postal worker B. chef C. firefighter D. chef

Print the exercise onto some paper

To print the true or false quiz on jobs  right click on a white space and select print or copy and paste the part of the exercise you want onto a word document and then print onto some paper.

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