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Demonstrative pronouns, singular and plural exercise

How to complete the exercise on demonstrative pronouns.

To complete the exercise complete the sentence using the words underneath to make a short sentence. While completing the exercise try and think which are the demonstrative pronouns and which are singular or plural.

** A demonstrative pronoun represents a thing or things **

Demonstrative pronouns singular and plural exercise

1. They ____ _______.
A. apples B. are

2. It's ___ ______.demonstrative pronouns exercise
A. apple B. an

3. What ____ ______?
A. those B. are

4. What ___ _____?
A. is B. this

5. This ___ ___ ______.
A. an B. apple C. is

6. What's _____?
A. that

7. These ____ _______.
A. apples B. are

8. That's ___ ______.
A. apple B. an

9. What ____ ______?
A. these B. are

10. What ___ _____?
A. that B. is

11. That ___ ___ ______.
A. apple B. is C. an

12. Those ____ _______.
A. apples B. are

13. What's _____?
A. this

Print the exercise on demonstrative pronouns

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